The Writing on the Wall serves as a metaphor for our current president’s dangerous campaign promise of building a wall along our southern border juxtaposed with his favorite pastime of conveying his thoughts in 140 characters of texts, to create a proverbial wall of Twitter feeds.  However, this is not a collection of his tweets but rather a response to his tweets by the mainstream media.  Assembling the tweets to create a “Wall of Tweets”, I have sought to depict the first six months of his presidency and the sometimes shocking statements which have defined him.

The Writing on the Wall is an ongoing project, where screen shots of Twitter feeds are selected and used like bricks in the wall.  As one wall is completed, another takes its place.  I like to think of my wall somehow mimicking the progress of the wall that is being built across the Mexican border.  My wall seeks to bring to their attention of the public the betrayal of the core principals America has stood for, over the past 300 years, in the short period of his presidency.  The media’s responsibility in continuing to hold the highest office accountable for its actions and the public’s demonstrations voicing their opinion during this defining period of our history will ultimately shape the future of our country.

Viewers are encouraged to read the collection of news clips as an ongoing reminder about the issues that are challenging this nation of ours.  The list is growing by the day…… racism, women’s issues, corporate greed, dishonesty, corruption, violence, resistance and dissent.  Viewers are encouraged to take time and read the writing on the wall and balance the viewpoints of both sides in the quest for understanding and unity, which are core to the strength of our community and our nation.